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Oil painting Sighthounds Borzois

Windhund zeichnung

Pastell Afghan Hound

”Cover Scandinavian Sighthound Magazine"
Oil on canvas/Öl auf Leinwand
50x70cm/20”x 28”
reference photos:M.Tuip/JV,SSM Many thanks

”Cover-Scandinavian Sighthound Magazine”
Tusche Feder Zeichnung coloriert/
pen and ink drawing
30x40cm/12”x16” on Multimedia Artboard
reference photos:SSM-Many thanks

”Cover Scandinavian Sighthounds”
Pastel Zeichnung/Pastel Painting Windhunde
50x70cm/20”x 28”
reference photos:SSM-Many thanks

Cover Scandinavian Sighthounds

Pastel Borzoi

White Borzoi wtercolor

”Cover Scandinavian Sighthounds”
Pastel Zeichnung/Pastel painting 40x50cm/16x20”
reference photos:SSM-Many thanks

White Borzoi”
Pastell Zeichnung 21x30cm
/Pastel painting 8”x 12” on pastel card
reference photo-A.F.-Many thanks

Watercolour & pencils
Commission work 2014

pencil drawing Sighthound

pencil drawing Borzois

pastel Borzois

Graphit Zeichnung Windhund / pencil drawing
21 x 30cm / 8 x 12 inch

Graphit Zeichnung Barsois/pencil drawing Borzois
30 x 40cm / 12 x 16 inch
reference photo L. Edland with kind permission

Arkan & Ambros of the Wicklow Hunters
Pastell / Pastel 35 x 50 cm / 14 x 20 inch

commission work 2014
pastel cat

Borzoi in Acrylic

pastel Lioness

"Little Hunter "
21 x 30 cm/ 8 x 12 inch
pastel / Pastell

Borzoi Lily
( MCH Charyzma Chwili Polot)
Acrylic painting on canvas panel
Size 30 x 40 cm / 12 x 16 inch
Reference photo Alena Portesova with kind permission

pastel portrait
Size 21 x 30 cm / 8 x 12 inch
Reference photo Chris Allsebrook

Borzoi watercolor painting

oil painting cat

Pastel Arabian Horse

Monne (Borzowski`s Phenomenon)
Watercolour & pencils
Commission work 2014

Cat with roses
Ölgemälde 20x25cm/
Oil painting 8”x 10” on canvas panel

Asil Araber
Pastel 21x30cm/pastel 8”x12”
reference photo:C.Toischel Many thanks

Borzoi pastel painting

Arabian Horse painting

Saluki painting

Uljanow Barsois Catjuschka & Calypso
Pastellzeichnung 40x50cm
pastel painting 16”x20” on pastel paper

Asil Araber
Pastel 21x30cm/pastel 8”x12”
reference photo:C.Toischel Many thanks

Ölgemälde 15x20cm/Oil painting 6”x 8”
reference photo-A.F.-Many thanks

Scratchboard wildlife painting Fox

Oil painting Andalusian Stallion

Pastell portrait Barsoi

Red Fox
Scratchboard painting  24 x 30 cm /9 x 12 inch

PRE Andalusian
Ölgemälde 15x20cm/Oil painting 6”x8”
reference photo:seraphin-art/Sabine Vicinus-Many thanks

Uljanow Barsois Dunjaschka ( Diva )
Pastellzeichnung 21x30cm
Pastel painting 8”x12”

Borzoi in pastel

Deerhound pastel portrait

Oil painting Windhund

Pastellzeichnung 21x30cm
/ 8 x 12 inch

Pastellzeichnung 21x30cm
 / 8 x 12 inch

oil painting on stretched canvas
30 x 30 cm / 12 x 12 inch

Ölgemälde 30x30cm/Oil painting 12”x12” on streched canvas
reference photo:R.F.-Many thanks

Pastellzeichnung 21x30cm auf pastel card
pastel painting 8”x10” on pastel card
reference photo:M-L-Herr-Many thanks

Pastell 21x30cm/
pastel painting 8x12 on pastel card

Teine Fiddler at Tarasov

Pastellzeichnung 35x50cm/
Pastel painting 14”x20” on pastel card

Landscape Der Weg”

Pastellzeichnung auf 25x35cm/
pastel painting 10”x14” on sennelier pastel card


Pastell Zeichnung 18x24cm/ pastel 7”x9” inch on pastel card
reference photo:R.F.-Many thanks


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